Quality Policy


The efficient implementation of the ELMA Electromechanical Co. L.L.C. Quality Management System states as follows:

   All activities performed in the course of construction and execution of the projects shall be in accordance with the contract document requirements and the governing national and international codes and regulations and with the company’s Quality Management System.

   The Quality Management System shall be applicable to all projects and shall be adopted for the specific needs of the project as per the individual contract documents.

   During the contract execution and the maintenance period, our staffs are ready to provide all the required assistance to the customer as per the contract’s requirements.

   Our aim is to ensure our products and services adhere to the required contract quality. Our internal quality system is such that any complaints shall be processed professionally, contractually and promptly.

   We shall continuously improve our Quality Management System, our resources and techniques to increase efficiency of our operations by regular monitoring of projects.

HSE Policy


   It is the policy of ELMA Electromechanical Co. L.L.C. to carry out construction activities with full awareness of health, safety, and environmental concerns of all persons working under the control of the company.

    ELMA Electromechanical Co. L.L.C. is committed to avoid and prevent accidents, injuries, and occupational illness, and to prevent pollution, through continuous improvement of the HSE management system and performance within the boundaries of the applicable legal and other requirements.

    ELMA Electromechanical Co. L.L.C. is convinced that through continuous application of H.S.E norms in their daily activities there will be marked improvement in performance and work efficiency which will contribute to further improve the quality of work. We are committed for a continual progress towards sustainable development.

     ELMA Electromechanical Co. L.L.C. is committed and firmly believes that:
        Health, Safety and Environment protection form an integral part of the business objectives.

        Managing health, safety, and environmental protection is a line responsibility.



    ELMA Electromechanical Co. L.L.C. will strive to implement this policy through company strategies, action plans, motivation and through the participation of all its staff and others associated with it, duly supported by proper education and training.

     ELMA Electromechanical Co. L.L.C. is committed for the continual improvement in occupational health & safety management and occupational health & safety performance towards the sustainability.

BOB started in the year 2008 to join the family of internationally recognized standards for Quality Management System ISO 9001 and Occupational Health and Safety & OHSAS 18001





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